When comparing the MT4 vs MT5 difference, it should be noted that these two trading platforms have similar execution modes. Both MT4 and MT5 offer traders three execution modes, they are instant execution, execution on request, and execution by market. However, MT5 also offers an additional execution mode, called exchange execution. This speed allows MT4 and MT5 users to view up-to-date live charts and market prices.

You should seek independent financial advice prior to acquiring a financial product. All securities and financial products or instruments transactions involve risks. Please remember that past performance results are not necessarily indicative of future results. At the same time, MT4 should already have most of the things an experienced coder will ever need, including OOP.

MetaTrader 4

Both of the trading platforms allow traders to customize the trading interface according to their needs. While discussing the key features of the trading platforms, it should also be noted that MetaTrader 4 offers traders around 30 built-in indicators, while MT5 offers 38 indicators. Performing comprehensive technical analysis involves the use of dedicated tools. Most seasoned traders will tell you that all they really want from a trading platform is something that is reliable and easy to use, intuitive, and doesn’t crash. They will also tell you that although Metatrader 4 might have a few annoying features, it works well enough, and allows them to stay on top of their trades and charts at the same time. On the other hand, MT5 boasts powerful capabilities such as advanced order types, automated trading and market depth.

According to MetaQuotes, MetaTrader 4 offers 30 built-in indicators and 24 analytical objects. Also, there are over 2000 free custom indicators and 700 available for purchase. In contrast, MetaTrader 5 has 38 technical indicators, 44 analytical objects and offers an unlimited number of charts (MT4 has a limit of 128). For most traders, it is not worth switching from the MT4 to the MT5 trading platform because it does not really offer much strong improvement in trading conditions and execution.

MT4 offers one-click trading, allowing traders to execute trades quickly and easily. An economic calendar is a must for traders and helps to track important economic events that may affect financial markets. Moreover, there are no commissions to pay when you open a live account. However, keep in mind that each broker has different spreads so you should do your own research (the spread is the difference between the ‘buy’ and ‘sell’ price of an asset). A larger spread means there is more risk involved in trading with that broker (or asset) since you could trade for longer without profits. Automated traders have a significantly superior choice at MT4, while manual traders will be pleased with cTrader and its user-friendly interface.

On MT4, you can trade currency pairs and CFDs, while MT5 offers you access to assets like stocks, bonds, futures, currency pairs, CFDs, and many others. MetaTrader 5 is capable of connecting with the centralized exchange, which gives its users access to numerous different markets. Although both of these trading platforms offer traders strategy testers, the strategy tester of MT4 is completely different from the one offered by the MetaTrader 5. The strategy tester of the MetaTrader 4 uses a single CPU thread, while the strategy tester of MetaTrader 5 uses multi-threads.

Pros and Cons of MetaTrader 4 vs. 5 (MQL4 vs. MQL

MetaTrader is specifically made for foreign exchange traders, its functions and features showing just that. Because of this MetaTrader 4 is mostly chosen by traders dabbling in the Forex market. Although it may mostly seem like the MT5 is an upgraded version of MetaTrader 4, and while that may be true, both programs have different features and functionalities that cater to different traders.

Another MT4 and MT5 difference are that Mt4 does not offer traders an inbuilt economic calendar section. On the other hand, MetaTrader 5 comes with an economic calendar section that can be a huge help for traders to stay up to date with the ongoing events in the market. With this mode, orders are being sent to the external trading systems. In general, there are two main types of orders offered by MetaTrader 4. So, let’s say that you want to buy a certain asset but you want to do so at a current price, in this case, you will be using Market Order.

Three fundamental differences between MT4 and MT5

The thing is that MT5 was initially created to solve issues that MT4 was unable to cope with due to its capacity. Primarily, the new platform was intended for a different target audience. That is why it is incorrect to compare the two platforms and contemplate about which one is better. Trading platforms, MT4 or MT5, also have the option to download the reports of the trade.

Just remember that any trading taxes and costs such as commissions, overnight interest rates and margin requirements will still apply. Furthermore, its services with expert advisors, algorithms and what not make it easier for traders to predict and make a move. With the trading platform, traders can modify their stop loss limits using the terminal window of MT4 or MT5 traders can modify the orders. MetaTrader5 was designed to attract new market options such as the CFDs, commodities, stocks or futures etc.

MetaTrader 5 Offers 2 More Pending Orders

All traders have different requirements, which means that these features may or may not matter to some traders. Ultimately, it helps to consider your trading requirements to know if such features will come in handy for what is npbfx you. When deciding between the two platforms, focus on the smaller requirements that could have an impact on your overall trading experience. MT5, on the other hand, offers a more complicated programming language.

While brokers continue to add assets and broaden the choice for their traders, the retail trading scene remains dominated by three trading platforms without much competition. The past five years witnessed smaller FinTech firms launching improved alternatives but failed to gain significant traction. MetaQuotes, a Cypriot firm, maintains the retail-and-broker bdswiss forex broker favorite MT4 trading platform. Its dominance is most evident in the Forex market, where it handles over 95% of the nearly $7 trillion-per-day Forex trading volume globally, excluding Japan. It was the first viable option for online trading, captured the trend in its infancy, and built a loyal broker client-base due to its reliable service.

The Metatrader 5 trading platform is somewhat less commonly offered, although it is produced by the same company (the Cyprus-based MetaQuotes Software Corporation). Finally, another difference between both of these platforms includes the fact that they use different databases. While both use databases for storing data such as prices or account information, each cm trading review platform stores this data in different ways. In particular, MT4 stores data in binary files whereas MT5 stores data into CSV format which makes it easier for users to process large amounts of said data within spreadsheets or other programs. MetaTrader is a robust platform, offering traders the ability to trade forex, stocks, commodities, and indices with ease.


Traders can also execute trades via a singular function, in contrast to the user experience MetaTrader 4 offers. MetaTrader 4 is used by traders looking for an easy platform with simple steps for setting up trading functions or developing trading software. For this reason, MetaTrader 4 works best for novice traders or ones who do not feel the need to set up algorithms or scripts themselves for their trading strategies. MetaTrader 5, on the other hand, offers tools for CFD, futures, and stock trading. Consequently, it has a much bigger variety of features that might not suit every trader. If you choose to trade a variety of assets, MT5 could offer better value in terms of your trading objectives.

Proper upgrades cost as little as $50, which may expand to above $250, depending on the requirements of the trader. Competitive brokers offer an extensive upgrade package to the MT4, reducing or eliminating the costs to acquire third-party solutions. In terms of charting tools, both platforms provide approximately 80 technical indicators to help traders analyze market trends and make informed decisions.

Metatrader 5 is also equipped with technical indicators compared to MetaTrader 4. It also offers tools like a financial calendar for tracking trade-related news from foreign markets. Keep in mind, however, that these additional features also lead to a more complex and hard-to-grasp platform.

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