bookkeeping for therapist

When you sign up for Xero, it will ask you what industry you are in (as well as some other specific questions related to your business). Every time your therapy practice earns revenue, it’s entered in the general ledger. Every time it spends money, it’s entered in the general ledger. By using the accounts listed in your chart of accounts to categorize these transactions, you can track how your practice earns and spends money. Some examples of accounting software include Quickbooks for bookkeeping and TurboTax for tax preparation.

bookkeeping for therapist

Which means, rather than pay taxes on your private practice revenue, you first subtract a majority of your expenses and pay your taxes from that amount of money instead. MassageMinder Appointment Books are designed specifically for the Massage Therapy Industry and the Business of Bodywork. Developed by a therapist who started out in 1987, not very organized in business, but learned over the years of what it takes to be more efficient in business. If you’re like most massage therapists, you’re the visual and tactile type of person that needs to see and feel the whole week ahead of them. Insync Healthcare Solutions is one of the leading companies in providing medical billing services to various health care providers.

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Save thousands of dollars on your personal and business income taxes. We’ll set up benefits, deductions, and any special circumstances. This helps us understand your employee reimbursements, benefits, time off, and all the other details.

The best accounting software for psychotherapists is QuickBooks because it provides various features, including creating payments and invoices, managing appointments, and exporting data. However, it also has a steep learning curve that many therapists find challenging to manage while remaining effective in their practice. Thousands of mental health professionals trust Heard’s software and services to manage their bookkeeping, taxes, payroll, and more.

Why Hire an accountant for therapists?

They can provide you with all of your reports for tax time or to take to your appointment with the CPA during tax time. If you purposely or accidentally neglect massage therapy bookkeeping requirements, you may have to pay for it later. This product can help professionals bookkeeping for massage therapists with this particular issue. It is easy to use, and it provides an easy way of tracking your income and expenses. I would recommend this service to any fellow clinic owners. As a clinic owner, the finances piece of the puzzle can be so overwhelming.

Discover the tax consequences of taking Paid Family and Medical Leave (PFML) in our comprehensive guide. Explore the financial aspects and tax implications of PFML in detail.

Tax Deduction Tracker Printable Tax Sheet Business Decduction Log Online Tax Form Financial Plan Record PDF A4 A5 Letter

My business grew to the point where I could no longer manage my bookkeeping. I was nervous to turn it over and hesitant to spend the money but Alicia has been amazing and her services are worth every penny! She was able to clean up my bookkeeping and works with my accountant seamlessly. I haven’t worried about anything with my finances since I started working with her and that peace of mind is priceless. Not to mention, all the time I saved not trying to tackle this myself.

With Therapeutic Bookkeeping, I understood how my clinic was doing and was able to make better business decisions. Once you join Heard and connect your bank accounts, you’ll be prompted to schedule your onboarding meeting with a specialist from our team. We’ll walk you through the platform and answer any questions you have.


It’s also home to a whole host of one-of-a-kind items made with love and extraordinary care. While many of the items on Etsy are handmade, you’ll also find craft supplies, digital items, and more. This is just a small snapshot of what you’ll be able to do when you download Simplepractice for the first time.

Heard is the financial back-office for therapists in private practice. Even with everything I just said, I think the reason why a lot of therapists opt to do their own accounting and taxes is because they’re not sure what other options are available. Alicia took the time to help a starting business get off the ground. She had the knowledge and patience to help me get on the right path and answered my questions. I would recommend her to help with your bookkeeping needs. With time saved wrangling finances, you can see more clients and generate more income.


The best practice is to learn what you need to know about price practice finance and find the best tools that can help simplify the process. This is exactly what we’re about to discuss in this article. I just keep a monthly tally of my revenue and expenses in an excel doc and cut myself a paycheck based on the equations he built into it for me. Every January, I hand the document over to him and he takes care of my taxes. While it depends on how many months of bookkeeping you need completed, it typically takes our team 2-4 weeks. We are only able to complete historical bookkeeping for the current tax year.

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